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18,22 EUR*
Details Social Boom!

Social BOOM! addresses every aspect of social media, including the business periphery (blog, personal website, e-zine) that you need in order to create the real law of attraction. When you create a connection, it's an indicator that that prospect, or ...

33,19 EUR*
Details Practising Social Work Law (Practical Social Work Series)

When you study social work law, it can feel like there are many more questions than answers. Practising Social Work Law is here to help. Arguing that knowledge of the law alone is insufficient, this book identifies the connections between law and ...

33,79 EUR*
Details The First Christians in Their Social Worlds: Social-scientific approaches to New Testament Interpretation

First Christians in Their Social Worlds An examination of how the New Testament was influenced by the social realities of the early Christian communities for whom the books were wtitten. It reveals an intimate connection between society and Gospel ...

23,99 EUR*
Details Share This!: How You Will Change the World with Social Networking

Share This! (1 Volume Set) Shows how both activists and the casually progressive can leverage the power of social networks for social change Helps readers maintain credibility, establish new connections, deal with common fears, and have a good time ...

33,49 EUR*
Details Social and Communication Development in Autism Spectrum Disorders: Early Identification, Diagnosis, and Intervention

Social and Communication Development in Autism Spectrum Disorders Grounded in the findings on typically and atypically developing infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, this work shows the connections between ASD and impairments in joint attention ...

129,77 EUR*
Details The Printed Image in Early Modern London: Urban Space, Visual Representation, and Social Exchange

The Printed Image in Early Modern London Presenting an inventive body of research that explores the connections between urban movements, space, and visual representation, this study offers the analysis of the interrelationship between printed images ...

26,20 EUR*
Details Literary Activists: Writer-Intellectuals and Australian Public Life

Literary Activists Uniquely examining the link between Australian writers and social change, this study investigates the motives behind literary figures who strive to become activists and social intellectuals. Exploring this intimate connection, this ...

23,95 EUR*
Details MongoDB Applied Design Patterns

MongoDB Applied Design Patterns Whether you're building a social media site or an internal-use enterprise application, this hands-on guide shows you the connection between MongoDB and the business problems it's designed to solve. You'll learn how to ...

119,45 EUR*
Details Religion, Politics, and Globalization: Anthropological Approaches

Religion, Politics, and Globalization While social scientists, beginning with Weber, envisioned a secularized world, religion today is forthrightly becoming a defining feature of life all around the globe. The book as a whole explores the connections ...

16,00 EUR*
Details South Africa in World History

South Africa in World History is the first survey of South African history to range from prehistory to the present, the first to fully integrate social history and women's history, and the first to emphasize connections between the United States and ...

56,99 EUR*
Details Obesity: A Reference Handbook (Contemporary World Issues (Hardcover))

Obesity Offers an analysis of the effects that obesity is having on the health and the economic and social well-being of the United States, with a focus on controversies and informed action. This book helps readers unravel the connections between ...

18,49 EUR*
Details Handbook for William: A Carolingian Woman's Counsel for Her Son (Medieval Texts in Translation (Paperback))

Handbook for William Intended as a guide to right conduct, this book was written by a Frankish no-blewoman in the ninth century. Dhuoda dwells on family relations, social order, the connection between religious and military responsibility, and, always ...

11,44 EUR*
Details Hug Your People: The Proven Way To Hire, Inspire And Recognize Your Team And Achieve Remarkable Results

Today, when social networking is the hottest buzz word and 'relationships' are things that can happen virtually, top CEO and inspirational speaker Jack Mitchell is totally committed to bringing back the human connection in our businesses and our lives ...

26,18 EUR*
Details Progressive & Religious: How Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Buddhist Leaders Are Moving Beyond the Culture Wars and Transforming American Life

Progressive & Religious Progressive & Religious tells the dynamic stories of Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Buddhist leaders who are building on traditional connections between religion and social justice and working on a spectrum of issues including ...